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Personalised Gift Boxes

As a world-renowned brand in the gourmet date and chocolate industry, Delice Gourmet Dubai has elevated the etiquette of gift-giving into an art.

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Get in touch with our team of experts to create a bespoke gift box according to your personalised requirements. Choose from a range of premium gift boxes, date varieties and fillings for all your corporate requirements.

Phone : +971 4 294 0097
Mobile : +971 56 401 8983
Fax : +971 4 294 0107

Customisation Types

Box Print

Customised printing on bespoke gift

Ribbon Print

Fully-customisable premium ribbons in
elegant fabrics

Customisation – Sample Option

Print customisation-Customised Ribbons

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Our commitment and ability to consistently develop high-quality
products is what makes Delice Gourmet Dubai a leading brand in the gourmet food industry.

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    Get in touch with us to personalize custom arrangements of handcrafted delicacies, macarons, sweets and more!