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Hand-crafted artisan macarons, chocolates, dates and delicacies

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our story

Our roots are embedded in chocolate artisanship with fine creations that reflect our love for the craft of chocolate making and finesse. The Délice Gourmet brand is more about the people we cater to - we strive for perfection in our creations and craft.

our speciality

The Délice Gourmet brand encapsulates the essence of rich flavors, most loved for its hand-crafted artisan macarons, chocolates, dates and delicacies. With carefully sourced quality ingredients from French chocolatier, Valrhona, we are known for captivating creations with intricate designs for gifts, events and more.

Working with renowned hotels and brands, we have delivered quality custom designs and experiences, synonymous with our brand.


Our team of artisan creators constantly keep exploring and creating new flavors - ranging from chocolates to more!


Délice Gourmet has been featured in prestigious publications and online special features, counted among notable brands in the region.


From decadent chocolates and truffles to the more exquisite hand crafted sweets, Délice Gourmet offers an endless variety.

Our raw ingredients are sourced from renowned French Chocolatier, Valrhona

We use a variety of flavors in our creations, with some amongst customer favorites!

Crafted with delicacy and finesse, the Délice Gourmet creation is a mesmerizing sight

loved by many


“The only exquisite chocolate in Dubai”
Yannick Alleno
Famous Michelin 3 Stars Chef